Our Core Services

Our Core Values

Quality and Innovation:

We always strive to excel in all areas of operation. We constantly look for ways to innovate and improve for greater results.


We ensure clarity and accountability in all we do for our own benefit and the stakeholders’.


We recognize and appreciate the support and commitment of volunteers as an essential element to our work. “It is in giving, that we receive”.

Collective Action

We believe in partnerships and collaborations for joint actions that change the world for better.


and more...

We involve and listen to others, show consideration and empathy for their emotional and physical well being.

Enhancing creativity and professionalism in cinematography, and to manage and protect copyrightable works against any form of infringement.


UFMI composites of hundreds of filmmakers across all quarters of the Film Fraternity in Uganda. Members are grouped Guilds which categories are primary based as regards art, the role and or area of interest within the Ugandan film industry.

Such categories include; Play Wright and or screen/film script writing, Film production,Film Directing, Play and or Film acting,Film Technical crew services,Film costuming and make-up,Film publishing,Film translating andFilm distributing