Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Your Membership Agreement and the assignment allow you to focus on creating more audio visual works, and free you from the hassle of collecting royalties from wherever your work is being used for commercial gain. This is where UFMI works for you.

The law protects copyright for a life time of the producer and 50 years after death while neighbouring rights are protected 50 years from the date of performance. This means that protection and management of your right(s) for economic and moral gain continues even after death. Whereas while you are living you do follow on all happenings, when you are gone, UFMI ensures your next of kin (and indeed your family) gets what is due to your work(s) for another 50 years.

When a UFMI member dies, his/her spouse, child, relative, next of kin or beneficiary under a will can apply for Membership. This successor member can collect royalties up to 50 years after the death of the UFMI member.

As a UFMI member, you will have the following benefits;

  • Licensing users of your work(s):
  • As a UFMI member, you do not have to personally ensure you receive royalties when your audio visual work is used for commercial gain. UFMI does that for you. This lets you focus on the creative side of things. UFMI collects royalties through licensing agreements with audio visual users.

  • Control and reduction of infringement activities:
  • UFMI works in collaboration with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) Intellectual Property Enforcement Unit to protect audio visual works from any kind of infringement. This is basically done through enforcement activities were the pirates are sensitized about the dangers of copyright infringement and in collaboration with the territorial police, the Intellectual Property Enforcement Unit carries out operations to apprehend pirates and later prosecuted under the courts of law.

  • Easy monitoring of audio visual works usage UFMI monitors all its members’ works whenever used in order to enforce the conditions upon which the license has been granted, collect agreed license fees and finally distribute the royalties payable as a result of the licensed use.

  • Awareness and skills development
  • In collaboration with relevant partners, UFMI offers career advice and professional skills development to its members. In addition, UFMI ensures increased awareness about copyright management through sensitization workshops organized throughout the country. During these workshops usually members ask questions which are responded to by the facilitators.

  • Recommendations
  • UFMI recommends its members to be availed with any service they may wish to access more so in the production of audio visual works and the related activities.

  • Participating in the General Meeting:
  • All Members have the right to participate in the General Meeting. During this meeting, all members participate in discussing all policy issues and in the formulation of all regulations and other governance matters. At an elective General Assembly, all members are free to vote for and get elected to any electable positions. This shows that UFMI is owned by its members and they have the final say as far as the CMO management is concerned.