What We do

About UFMI

UFMI is mandated to;

1. To collect license fees from users who broadcast, reproduce, distribute, rent out or communicate to the public audio visual works in Uganda. Section 44(1) of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act 2006 states that; “Any person who wishes to use or perform another person’s work or who causes work to be performed in public for gain shall apply to the owner or the owners’ agent for a license to do so”. 44(2) states that; “The owner or agent may grant a license and shall in respect of any grant, charge such royalties as the owner or owners’ agent may determine to be appropriate” and 44(3) states that; “A license granted under this section shall be in force for one year but may be renewed each time it expires”.

We license all users of audio visual works, whether it is for broadcast, public performance, reproduction, distribution or rental, collect license fees or royalties and distribute royalties to our members and foreign copyright owners (Member Societies).

The users we license to use audio visual works include; video libraries, video/cinema halls, Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms, Bars, Gardens, Pubs, Beaches, Clubs, Discotheques, Televisions and similar places.

2. To issue security devices to be affixed on all authentic audio visual works distributed for sale in Uganda. Section 19 of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Regulations 2010 states that; “A security device shall be affixed to each and every sound recording or audio visual recording which is distributed or otherwise exposed to the public for sale, hire or rental, within Uganda, and Section 20 of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Regulations 2010 states that; “The security device shall be issued by the collecting societies responsible for the interests of the producers after verification that the sound recording or audio visual has been produced or published in Uganda or imported in Uganda without infringing any copyright granted under the Act”

3. We act as agents for our members

We are commissioned by our members to act on their behalf to carry out transactions, legal proceedings and any other activities deemed imperative for their benefit

  • Carry out public awareness
  • Pay royalties to our members
  • Make reciprocal arrangements with foreign management organizations