UFMI Development Goal

Who We Are

Uganda Federation of Movie Industry (UFMI),  a member-based Organization, comprising of 141 film production companies, with 1,500 registered members was established in 2001, registered as a company limited by guarantee in 2006, and as a Non Governmental Organization in 2006. In 2011, UFMI was registered as the Collective Management Organization for the Audio Visual sector in Uganda, and fully empowered by the government through the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). Currently, UFMI has 500 Audio-visual works entrusted to it for protection. UFMI’s main mandate is to manage the Copyright and Neighboring Rights interests of authors/creators in the Audio-visual sector. UFMI has among its functions, in partnership with other agencies to enhance creativity, ensure effective enforcement of the Copyright law, and make Reciprocal Agreements with film producers from everywhere and to work as an agent of its members and producers world-wide.

UFMI is a membership organization built on the nine Guilds, that is; Script Writers, Producers, Directors, Actors, Technical Crew, Publishers, Costumes and Make-up, Location Managers, and the Film Translators Guild and supported by a strong volunteer force of creators in their respective Guilds and the well wishers. UFMI has engaged in a range of platforms for awareness creation and advocacy including copyright sensitization workshops and dialogues, the National Intellectual Property policy formation and other copyright legislation workshops/seminars, and various other pro-film open campaigns. Underpinning our work is our motto ‘Revitalizing the film industry in Uganda’.

UFMI is a fully registered and pro-active member organization of Uganda Registration Services Bureau, and an active partner with the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC), Uganda Musicians Union(UMU) Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) Uganda Reproduction Organization, among others.

Our History