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About UFMI

Uganda Federation of Movie Industry (UFMI) is the audio visual Collective Management Organization in Uganda that was formed by audio visual rights owners in 2001, registered with the Registrar of companies as Non Profit Making Organization in 2006 and as a Collecting Society for the audio visual works in 2011.

UFMI is mandated to represent, protect and promote the social-economic interests of audio visual Authors, Performers and Producers in Uganda and foreigners through reciprocal representation. UFMI manages both reproduction and public performance rights and its regulated by Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB).


A professional and productive audio visual industry in Uganda.


Working towards qualitative and quantitative cinematographic innovations in Uganda through provision of technical skills, advocacy and copyright/ neighbouring rights management for sustainable development.

Development Goal

To represent, manage and promote the social and economic interests of copyright and Neighbouring rights owners to ensure economic and social welfare advancement.

UFMI’s Core Values.

  • Transparency: We ensure clarity in all we do for our own benefit and the stakeholders.
  • Accountability:
  • Good governance:
  • Efficiency: Competence is our pride.