Our Mission

Working towards qualitative and quantitative cinematography innovations in Uganda through provision of technical skills, advocacy and copyright protection for sustainable development.

Our Vision

A professional, productive, and progressive Audio Visual industry in Uganda.

Core Objective

Revitalizing Film Industry In Uganda.

Welcome To Uganda Federation of Movie Industry...

I take the pleasure to welcome you to Uganda Federation of Movie Industry (UFMI), the Collecting Society for the audio visual sector in Uganda (videos and films), registered and supervised by Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB).

We are mandated by the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act 2006 and the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Regulations 2010 to coordinate, manage and supervise all activities of audio visual works produced in Uganda to promote the social and economic rights of audio visual creators.

Since its inception, UFMI has been actively involved into sensitizing copyright owners, users and the general public on the benefits of copyright registration, protection and transacting into authentic audio visual works. We have also carried out operations aimed at enforcing the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act 2006 and Copyright and Neighboring Rights Regulations 2010.  As one of the initiatives to protect our member’s works, in 2015, UFMI partnered with URSB and  Uganda Police Forces and signed the Memorandum of Understanding that established the Intellectual Property Police Unit currently stationed at URSB.

As a CMO, UFMI is mandated by the Copyright Owners to protect their economic interests. As such, we issue Copyright Users Licenses to all users of audio visual works on behalf of our members. We believe that this website will provide you with updates about UFMI and the film industry in Uganda. Your comments, queries and observations will be highly appreciated.

Ms. Nambasa Jane

UFMI General Secretary.

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Quality And Innovation

We always strive to excel in all areas of operation. We constantly look for ways to innovate and improve for greater results.


We ensure clarity and accountability in all we do for our own benefit and the stakeholders’.


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